Wednesday, 9 November 2016

President Howard (Elect). The Committee Speech

[Chair:  You have 3 Minutes Mr Howerd]

"You, the Planners have written, written words, many words and read many forms my people have filled in. Its an honour for you to sit there listening to me telling you how much you, we and you are going to love this wonderful, wonderful development.   Jobs. lots of jobs, many many jobs.

My people have had to lodge an appeal to exclude those of you who voted with your left hand from voting again.  We love left handed people. Love them, they are great left handed people. Amazing left handed people.  But its so important that voting isn't rigged by the left.  

Its a momentous day for Plannerville, a fantastic day, fantastic day.  This journey, which began at the  beginning is now nearing the end of the beginning.   Ive got the  job of saying enough words now, here, today now, about doing the very many things, wonderful fantastic things that will make this big thing happen.  Happen Biggly.  

The statistics in all the reports that my wonderful consultants have prepared - have you met Jim the specialist consultant folks?  He's the best consulting consultant money can buy, bought with more money than consultants, other peoples consultants. Great great consultants. - Where are you jim?  Come on up and say a few words.  

No?   Jim?   No... Shy aren't you Jim ?   He's a great guy folks, tremendous guy  -  even when he's invoicing.  Big big invoices ladies and gentlemen. 

[Chairs Bell - ding: 30 secs Mr Howerd]
The Statistics.  But bells are wonderful aren't they?, this development will deliver you bigger, larger better bells,  bells and whistles, wonderful, great big whistles.  Stay on point they say, dont ramble Ezer my people say.  

[Ding  Thank you Mr Howerd.]

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Jumpers for goalposts

News of ructions from deep within the inner sanctum of the group known as the Working Handlers of Rule of Scale - a highly secretive clan of environmental agents. 

An architect has allegedly been offering services described as those of a "planning consultant" - evidently with some success. It must be right because the lady who narrates a TV show about fat gypsies said so on TV.

Not only hackled that of the lesser professions is muscling on their patch, we learn the architect has given the game away by advising the client that they should "play" it. 


Sunday, 20 January 2013

More Conditions

A condition on a planning permission says:

"Notwithstanding the provisions of Part 1 of Class A, B,C ,D,E,F and H and Part 2 Class A,B,C of Schedule 2 of the Town and Country Planning ( General permitted Development ) Order 1995, ( or any order revoking or re-enacting that Order) no development permitted by the said classes shall be carried out with out approval in writing by the Local Planning Authority".

So far so normal.

Council approve as part of that permission a 1.4metre high wall to highway boundary. Clearly proposed, clearly on drawings, drawings showing it referred to as approved in the decision.

Man begins to build wall.  Council say you cant build it, its over 1 metre high next to highway and condition says no such development permitted and so cant be undertaken (see condition). 

But the wall (for which you have granted permission) isnt permitted development Mr Officer is it? so the conition doesnt apply...  

Cue enforcement officer going white and DC officer going red.

Come on guys..  we really need to get sharper.

Friday, 11 January 2013

The joy of planning conditions

Drafting planning conditions is a skill and an art.  Then you look at Circ 10/95 (at least until Lord Taylor gets shut of it) and  start all over again.  

Had the misfortune to read one planning permission for 4 houses this morning- pretty simple and basic scheme which had the following variations on a theme.  Each is a separate condition. 

2 conditions said "the dwellinghouses shall not proceed above slab level until..." information was submitted and approved.

2 said "the dwellinghouses shall not be used until..." something was done.

1 said "the access shall be constructed to binder course before commencement of any dwellinghouse..."

2 said "any dwellinghouse shall not be occupied until.... " different things from those above preventing use were done.

1 said "Site clearance work and demolition shall not commence until the bat and bird house are built..." and went onto to state "and no demolition shall commence until a detailed mitigation scheme for demolition safety is first submitted to... )

To cap it all another one said "Unless otherwise approved development shall not begin until..."

Feel free to comment.

Friday, 9 November 2012


As news emerges of some of the efforts of the planners at Telford and Wrekin and Boyer Planning we invite readers to vote who is who?  

Boyer Planning?

Or Telford and Wrekin.

Answers on a postcode and if picked at random we might email you a copy of this unverified pic of SoS for Curmudgeon possibly or not taken last 30th November prior to the annual Palace of Westminster Charlie Chaplin convention. 


Friday, 21 September 2012

PD Change analysis

Jump forward a few months.

Eric has changed the GPDO and gives people new rights for bigger extensions.  Lets park whether its temporary or permanent change for now because I really cant contemplate the complexities of start dates/substantial completion etc just yet. 

[Insert name] Council makes an Art4(1) direction removing the new rights which presumably would be  defined and limited in the amended ClassA/ParaA1(e)(i) etc.  

Eric has to approve the Art 4(1)

In a leap of faith he has a hot flush, signs it off thinking its a further amendment to the Advert regs for flags and bingo [insert council] now has control in one stroke over the majority of regularly used rights to extend under class A. 

So now, nearly all householder extension apps require a formal application. In urban boroughs these run into many hundreds if not thousands each year.  All now requiring formal planning permission.  Cant secure CLOPUD so not even 50% of former fee income.  Suddenly the entire householder team is working for virtually no fee income. 

"lets make an LDO re-instating the old PD rights". 

Which of course Eric has to approve. 

Muscular Localism

End of debate.  

to be resumed Art (4(2) directions.