Friday, 21 September 2012

PD Change analysis

Jump forward a few months.

Eric has changed the GPDO and gives people new rights for bigger extensions.  Lets park whether its temporary or permanent change for now because I really cant contemplate the complexities of start dates/substantial completion etc just yet. 

[Insert name] Council makes an Art4(1) direction removing the new rights which presumably would be  defined and limited in the amended ClassA/ParaA1(e)(i) etc.  

Eric has to approve the Art 4(1)

In a leap of faith he has a hot flush, signs it off thinking its a further amendment to the Advert regs for flags and bingo [insert council] now has control in one stroke over the majority of regularly used rights to extend under class A. 

So now, nearly all householder extension apps require a formal application. In urban boroughs these run into many hundreds if not thousands each year.  All now requiring formal planning permission.  Cant secure CLOPUD so not even 50% of former fee income.  Suddenly the entire householder team is working for virtually no fee income. 

"lets make an LDO re-instating the old PD rights". 

Which of course Eric has to approve. 

Muscular Localism

End of debate.  

to be resumed Art (4(2) directions. 

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