Thursday, 30 September 2010

the team leader

enough about me already,

I may have been the son of a shopkeeper but I'm not Maggie Thatcher, I may have a 'tash but I'm not Alf Garnett, I may have been inspired by looking backwards (and don't we all long for the better days of the past). Im nothing if forward thinking.

I cant help but wonder that this once great nation of fish scrapers, blood boilers, shopkeepers, estate agents and bonafide tradesmen has,under our very noses begun a seismic and unstoppable abandonment of our high streets and local employment sites for secure lock up containers at £12pw in a B8 storage yard, Ebay and a Paypal account.

You may well encounter humour (perhaps rarely), you will almost certainly encounter hubris, angst, frustration, sarcasm, irony, pragmatism or, god forbid, some common sense. Please feel free to comment, to contribute, to disseminate to your friends and colleagues.

If nothing else the purpose is to seek to amuse and in doing so perhaps share and learn from all our frailties.

What possible wider satirical interest can there be in matters town planning, urban design or architectural I hear you ask? Well in this man made world, the actions and decisions of practitioners, experts and amateurs touch every sinew, every muscle, every movement... every second of every minute of every hour of every day... each influences and changes the way we use space, land, the way we see it, the way we love it, the way we hate it...

With the help of colleagues we hope you enjoy...

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