Monday, 4 October 2010

Cant see the wood

Play is one of the most important elements in life, the skills and benefits it brings are all well documented and planning is, or at least should, be one of the key deliverers of places to live and play.

We read this sort of story far too regularly in my view - Putting the journalistic spin and emotion aside, Ebenezer calls for some simple common sense.

What impression of the planning system does the approach of the good burghers of Brighton leave in the minds of young Cameron and Justine? the dreams of a summer holiday project in tatters. Two kids who maybe didn't spend the summer on the Xbox and youtube, just appeared to have some good fun.

What public benefit comes out of such apparent rigorous application of rules and "local regulations" Setting aside the definitions and case law that concludes as a "structure or erection" its a building = development etc etc... What harm occurs? What price imagination? I think any kids who can construct a dual pitched roof tree house4 metres up deserve applause? good on you kids

Once its removed, id just climb the tree and sit on a bough dropping conkers onto your neighbours gardens. Dont think you need permission to sit on a tree (yet)


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