Thursday, 11 November 2010

Minister for activity.

Much to our amazement it has today been confirmed that action man Grant Shapps actually does something.

courtesy of twitter we note a thread:

From @andyColesknapp to @thetownplanner "maybe @grantshapps doesn't know what he's on about! Or maybe its a tweet-minion... quoted thus"

@thetownplanner replied " @andycolesknapp @grantshapps you mean a government minister might delegate tweeting? can @ericpickles save ££ by sacking tweet minions?"

Action Man confirms back his dedication to duty "@thetownplanner No, all our own personal tweets. No one ever tweets for us."

So now we know the following facts...

1. DC is in China so his ministers are taking the piss jollying it on twitter

2. Any errors or factual inaccuracies are directly from the minister.

We shall be watching @ericpickles ever more closely (thought he's a bit quiet recently - wonder why!! )

Names have not been changed to ensure future guilt is duly apportioned

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