Friday, 7 January 2011

The Certainty of Uncertainty

Certainty is massive in the development industry. Uncertainty offers not a glimmer of a prospect of confidence returning

However, nothing is more certain than the continued diminution in confidence and developer activity in the housing sector in particular. This lack of confidence wont be helped by todays HBF announcement of the smallest number of housing consents for 5 years.

Surprised I haven't seen any announcement from Pickles or Clark's PR machine twisting this into the success of localism. Rather it can surely be attributed to the ill fated announcement of the removal of housing targets.

Just as Ezer contemplates taking an option on a few hundred acres of local landscape area as a punt for making a few bucks, I discover uncapped oil gushing from the deep into the dolphin filled waters of the Localism Bill with this national campaign for changes to the localism bill to restrict developer appeal rights and allow community rights of appeal.

Now where did i put my passport.

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