Friday, 30 September 2011

Answers on a postcard.

A dear acquaintance well known and missed by Ezer, saw light and decided with his darling wife to abscond to Oz. A qualified planner he was unable to find work over in australia for quite some time. Presumably all the Australian planners last seen working in Southwark or Ealing or RBKC have found themselves persona non grata as funding cuts take effect and caught the first Quantas back home. Typical of em to knick our Jobs over hear then knick em back over there. They'll be wanting the Ashes back next.

Eventually he found work somewhere in the outback - where site visits can be 5 hours drive from the office, involving an overnight stay; and his weekends are spent commuting halfway back across the lands by air (employer funded) to his darling wife.

He posted the above picture with the simple comment 'out and about with work' Im yet to ask him but i hope some of our wittier readers could come up with a few thoughts as to what it is precisely that he's going to be asked to grant planning permission for here.?

At least he didnt forget the camera and i doubt he could do his site visit from streetview on this one.

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