Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Small minded pricks

Fascinating to read tweet from @stormyjoolz quoting favourite client views of planners as small minded pricks who must be frustrating in your business...

Always open to a new line of banter between professionals, I wonder if any architects might take offence if planners ever referred to architects as small pricked minders (of the demain they wish to pontificate on)

i raise this because i stumbled across the following Architect designed proposal of about mid 90's origin. Town Centre site, prominent outside but next to conservation area, where initially concerned planners were tempted or rather persuaded that this modern architectural gem was worthy of the location.

The planners were supportive but as much as they had reservations of scale and roadside corner location, they were especially concerned over ensuring detailing and materials quality were right. Promises and assurances from Architects over control and material quality led to this...

You can make your own minds up about who what right or who was wrong.


  1. Of course they would be; heaven forbid anyone should question the architects.

  2. To be fair, the external materials would (should) all have been annotated on the planning drawings and were probably conditioned too.

    A lot of things happen post planning, not all of which are controlled by the architect. Being a mid-90s build, I'd guess it was built under a D&B contract meaning the contractor got final say over all of the detailing.

    Plus, I don't think it looks all that bad. Its dated, but at least it says something about the time it which it was built. I'd rather have that than another half-hearted pastiche.