Thursday, 7 October 2010

Conservatives solve the #housing crisis.

Planners have been increasingly concerned over the lack of suitable family housing provision in the UK.   The scrapping of Regional Spatial Strategies (RSS) and the gaping policy void left some Local Planning Authorities running around trying to justify their housing figures.  

The message to Planners across the UK today is don’t worry the Government does have a plan...

The Poor - Aren't there a lot of them?
The Conservative’s view that poor people shouldn’t have so many damn children should come as no surprise to most of us.   After all it is their fault that they are poor.   Capping family benefits thus miraculously stopping poor people who don’t believe in contraception is a master stroke.  Stop the breeding of the poor and desitute solves the future housing crisis overnight.

Now to deal with the current housing problem:

All you have to do is combine the above with the news that David Cameron has been speaking about his ideas for an UK Peace Corp.   


Prime Minister David Cameron has announced plans for a new government programme that will allow disadvantaged young people to take part in volunteering projects overseas.

Deportation to dangerous places where the UK poor can live like kings, with any luck most won’t return to fill up all those house we’re not building any more...


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