Thursday, 7 October 2010

Latest Government Policy: Kill Nature (especially if it's close to humans)

"Nature, yuck!"

Further to this article on the Planning Blog about spending on plant pots, Three Magents has ‘dug’ a little further.   It turns out that this first ‘shoots’ of a change at the very ‘root’ of government spending has been so successful that DCLG’s plant ‘pot’ pilot scheme is to be em-‘bedded’ within the coalition government’s environmental and planning policies.

A government spokesman was quoted as saying:
Basically we’ve discovered that killing off plants saves us money, so we’ve taken that idea and run with it ... what this means is that we will encourage the destruction of forests and green spaces here in the UK and cover them with concrete (thus creating jobs).   We’ve already been lobbying our friends at the UN to make this part of the a global initiative

The spokesman also had this to say about National Parks:

Nature, yuck!

Whilst these policies are effectively at seedling stage Eric Pickles has been quoted as saying that he hopes to “let the saps leave Government”.   Of course we will have to start looking at different names for any signs of economic recovery as ‘green shoots’ might give people with the wrong idea...

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