Monday, 11 October 2010


old 'ezer today attended the funeral of one of his oldest school friends, an untimely death at terribly young age. RIP fella.

A recent twitter convert, 'Ezer was even astonished that Book of Face allowed worldwide dissemination of sad news to people you really had hoped you had long forgotten, but who thus attended from far and wide.

'Ezer sat listening to tales of success and the wonderful good that my generation were doing... a man had invented a new form of joint for hips and knees, one designs and installs software that cuts down on fraud from bank transactions, a neuroscientist, college lecturer and the secretary to the local church... The talents these people had developed from such humble or dare I say mediocre origins in school left me almost dumbfounded.

The telling moment an almost snarled "So Ezer, you still doing that planning thing ? "

Thus have we communicated this professions value, purpose and worth ?

Make it simple, make it better.

Suggestions on a tweet please.

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