Tuesday, 22 March 2011

NOcalism or not?

The Localism Bill sails into the doldrums ofReport stage on its way to empower you and me to shape our communities as we see fit. Some feared a nimby's charter... "the Nocalism Bill".

As UK plc (or rather England Ltd (in administration) crawls out from under the stone of one of the harshest winters in recent memory and blinks in the sudden bright light of spring, the beauty of cherry blossom may be short lived when the stark reality of the first full CONDEM-nation budget is announced. The omens for planning have become ever clearer in recent weeks.

Vince - sitting quietly, plotting; the PM having a pop at planning, Osborne too. We have had the enemies of enterprise, Enterprise Zones, leaks about changes to the UCO to allow free up vacant commercial space for housing (where all the soon to be redundant local authority planners start their consultancy careers??) . All topped off by a remarkable speech by Pickles last night when he didn't so much as perform a u-turn but, (one suspects having been thoroughly keel hauled by No 10, Ozzer and the liberal crew of the starship Enterprise) threw the barge into full reverse in his incorrectly referenced drag anchor speech... a pivotal moment me suspects.

The Nocalism Act will no doubt emerge. In reality, its may well be overtaken by events as the government lets the private sector rip to develop us out of recession and into growth and beyond. It will empower you to say yes and, at your peril, NO. For the signs are clear. Say yes and all with be good, say No and be prepared for the SOS to say YES at appeal.

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