Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Support for Neighbourhood Planning

Despite a strong bid, we are obviously disappointed that our parent body, Urban Terror, Theory, Evolution and Reason - the Symposion for Howards Interest in Town-planning (or UTTER SHIT as it was termed in Westminster) has today failed to secure funding to enthuse and develop our rantings.

Bereft with grief, Ebenezor asked his spokesman Dank Hitmarr to offer a few words:

"UTTER SHIT has long advocated community disengagement. We delight however that our future King has managed to claw back some of the moneys his mother agreed for him to pay in income and development tax liabilities from his picture perfect schemes - Unaffordable and Inaccessible to all but the most wealthy longing for a return to halycon days when you had to watch your step every time you opened the front door in case of horse dung in the gutter, or worse a car parked up tight to your defensible space to allow the neighbours Audi through..

Empowering local communities is now a welcome part of the planning process so long as you agree with Mr Pickles centristic localism view of the world. Securing this funding will simply encourage Prince Charles to ask even more coach loads of planning officers and Councillors to have day trips from the office to these development zoo's to show how, if they invite him and his style in, he can deliver housing a positive way for growth and better neighbourhoods"

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