Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lax Planning

In an exclusive interview with "Permitted Development magazine - the Journal of Pedantry in Planning". Baroness Dinah Soares has confirmed that bestowing one with a gong off of the Queen, does not give one a monopoly on Wisden.

She asks "Can it be a coincidence that the nations in the deepest economic trouble – England, Scotland and Wales – all share a reputation for lax planning regimes?

"The empty desks that blight Local Authorities nationwide stand as icons of a discredited approach to growth and development, which ignores the needs of people and places in the pursuit of TOIL (time off in lieu) and personal short-term profit."

She added that constant talk of planning restrictions and regulatory burdens gave a "wholly negative" impression of how the planning system works whilst arguing that what the planning system needs is restriction and regulatory burden lest it will be a free for all - jonny foreigner too"

"A positive vision for planning, rather than negative sideswipes, should be at the heart of the Chancellor’s plans, shaping the England we want to see today and for decades to come".

On the latter point who could disagree

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