Thursday, 17 November 2011

Planners in Need

As planning department begin ratcheting up pressure for ever more fee charging today the audit commission reports on the dire position regarding disproportionate cuts across planning departments. Alongside at that I sense a certain irony (or could that be a paradox) that local government planners will be amongst the many millions taking strike action to protect pensions later in the month. I'll be there with you brothers and sister, standing shoulder to shoulder at the braziers.

I do also get a sense that the public appetite (or support) for action is at best minimal.

But, and lest you forget, tomorrow evening sees the beeb roll out take that, a few ever thinner newsreaders dressed as tarts (although the female newsreaders usually scrub up quite nicely) and that national institution Sir Terence of Wogan in aid of (in many cases) British children failed by life, their parents, the system.

Ebenezor will donate £1 for each view of the blog upto midnight tomorrow and a further £1 for every retweet of the link. Please be generous and spread the word

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