Saturday, 14 January 2012


Are you a planner? Does your development (or just you) need a boost? Tired of the same old problems? Aching from consultation fatigue but cant sleep? Been at that Core Strategy Examination rehearsing the same arguments for days when the squat squeaky voiced closet gay from the environment alliance bursts in claiming you haven't met the EU and World Environment directives and lost the will to live? Is your local authority working you 18 hours a day but is 50% less effective than before? Or are you just older, fatter and needing a little elastic in your suit?

Worry no more we have the perfect product for you. RTPI Plus... like Pro-plus (but for Chartered Town Planners). Only not quite.

Disclaimer: IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE, THAT RTPI PLUS® CANNOT REPLACE the things the RTPI REALLY ought to do for its members AND SHOULD BE USED ONLY OCCASIONALLY FOR THE RELIEF OF TEMPORARY Planning Fatigues. CONTAINS utter and needless shite for the RTPI MEmber but sadly no freebies from starbucks or itunes vouchers. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL as the RTPI itself suggests all might not quite be what it appears - a bit like Planning really

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