Thursday, 20 September 2012

It stands to reason

Andrew Lainton' s blog makes for insightful reading on occasions, none more so than today when he is one of the first to pick up on the soon to be required statement of proactivity.

Compliments to Andrew on his efforts but...  one fears the following might be a much more accurate representation of the truth.  If a standard statement (which rather goes against the whole principle surely?) is to be used, can i suggest:

 "[insert] council development management services has  positively and proactively sought solutions (even where they weren't necessary) to  manage your planning application.

If you wish to discuss why you were requested to withdraw your application via email from the case officer at 4.55pm on day 55, please call our corporate customer call handling centre on 0845 000 000 and follow the options on your telephone keypad"

Lets begin by stripping out the tiscali customer service approach to planning, remove answer-phones, provide access to personal email etc.  Actions speak much louder than statements.

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